FIA declare engine convergence achieved

Date published: April 29 2017

The performance between F1’s top three engine manufacturers; Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault, has converged to be within three tenths of a second, according to the FIA.

Last season Formula 1’s engine manufacturers, including Honda, agreed to a performance index as they looked to achieve engine parity.

And that, according to F1 race director Charlie Whiting, has been achieved – at least with the top three.

“We announced the results of this to the Strategy Group the other day, and we have convergence,” Whiting revealed.

“Convergence is defined by the top three being within 0.3s around Barcelona. This only applies to the power unit, of course. So the top three power units are within 0.3s.”

The teams were informed of the results during the recent Strategy Group meeting where reportedly Red Bull Racing were unhappy with the results.

Asked about the teams’ thoughts on the test, Whiting stated that the tests have been carried out according to a method agreed upon by the engine manufacturers.

“It is something that they all signed up to and agreed with the methodology – and that is the most important thing,” he said.

“The four engine manufacturers sat down for hours and hours and thrashed out this rather complex method.

“Obviously this was done among the power unit manufacturers not the teams.

“I think there may be a little element of surprise about this.

“But we do have convergence as defined by this system.

“We cannot renegotiate it.

“It is something that has been in place for a year or so now.

“They have all known how it was going to be done and that is how it has been done. And those are the results.”