FIA ease up on driver penalties


Ahead of the 2017 Formula 1 season, it has been revealed that penalties for on-track incident will be eased up following complaints last year.

The FIA explained that drivers will only be punished if it is clear and obvious that they are at fault for incidents that occur.

The tweaked rule is being implemented in the hopes that drivers will be encouraged to attempt an overtake without the worry of perhaps being punished for an infringement.

"It shall be at the discretion of the stewards to decide if any driver involved in an incident should be penalised,” the rule states. 

"Unless it is clear to the stewards that a driver was wholly or predominantly to blame for an incident no penalty will be imposed."

Also, grid penalties will be issued to drivers during a race if they are unable to take their punishment due to retirement, this includes five second and ten second penalties, as well as drive-through and stop-and go punishments.