FIA keeping an eye on IndyCar’s windscreen


Although Formula 1 has opted for Halo as its cockpit protection device, the FIA are keeping a close eye on IndyCar’s windscreen trials.

This season Formula 1 will race the Halo have declared that cockpit protection is needed.

IndyCars over in America is following suit, however, they are taking a different route in trialing a windscreen.

“Of course we have seen it,” FIA safety delegate Laurent Mekies told Racer Magazine. “As far as safety is concerned we work closely with all other motorsport stakeholders.

“Four times a year during our research working group we meet with all the key players for safety research. So we meet with IndyCar, we meet with NASCAR, we meet with the guys in V8 Supercars in Australia.

“They know exactly what we’ve done in the genesis of the Halo and we know that they have been pursuing to explore the route of a screen.

“So the exchange does work, I think it’s quite clear today what the advantages and the downsides are of the [two] solutions.

“It’s very good that IndyCar is putting some energy in trying to develop solutions and maybe it can complement the work we’re doing one day.”

Formula 1 had looked into a screen, dubbed the shield, prior to settling on Halo but felt that it did not work as well as Halo.

Mekies added: “One of the key aspects is to pick a load case – what are you trying to protect against? There is no absolute truth with that; nobody is wrong and nobody is right.

“You choose what you try to protect against, and after that you have to accept if something more than that happens it won’t help, or not as much as is needed.

“We’ll catch up to see where the items they tried puts them in terms of protection level. You might remember that we had ourselves scanned different protection levels. The shield itself we tried at Silverstone last year had a slightly reduced protection level, so it’s a matter of finding a good compromise.

“It’s very good that such an important player as IndyCar is getting very involved in this, and as I said we are working very closely with them.”