FIA must approve Ecclestone successor


Jean Todt has revealed that although Bernie Ecclestone’s successor will be chosen by CVC, the candidate will have to meet the FIA’s approval.

Ecclestone maybe 85 years old but at present F1 supremo shows no sign of slowing down.

The sport, though, is preparing for the day when he is no longer around.

Although CVC owns a controlling share in this Formula One, FIA president John Todt has revealed that a candidate to replace Ecclestone will have to meet the motorsport governing body’s approval.

“The actual promoter has been doing an extraordinary job to develop Formula 1,” Todt said of Ecclestone during at FIA Sport Conference in Turin.

“That doesn’t mean we do always agree, but I do respect all that he has been doing. Bernie has his style, everyone does.

“There is a major shareholder – CVC – they are very strong, talented business people.

“The day they decide something needs to change in the management of one of their assets, I’m convinced they know what to do.

“They know who to handle the situation.

“They will make a proposal. It has to be suitable for the FIA, but I don’t have any real concerns.”

Asked whether the FIA would have the final say on Ecclestone successor, Todt told Autosport: “I’m not going to get into the detail of the contract.

“But they need to have a final agreement from the FIA, yes.

“We are talking with very respectable business people.”

The Frenchman also touched on Formula One’s Concorde agreement, conceding that if he takes a third term of office as FIA president the governance of Formula One will be one of the big issues he will have to deal with.

“Clearly it will be the renegotiation of the Concorde Agreement, with the strong issue of the governance,” he told

“On Formula 1 governance, on regulation, I would say that things are quite clear. [We have the] 2017 new regulations, [and with the] engine situation I don’t see any kind of revolution arriving since it’s quite stabilised.

“I must say the agreement which was dealt with recently at least we don’t hear any more about alternative engine, about all those things. Those things are stable, which is important, and I think it is what I mentioned earlier.”