FIA on track to introduce halo in 2017


Formula 1 is on track to introduce the halo cockpit protection device next season; that's according to Charlie Whiting.

Ferrari trialed the device during pre-season testing in Spain with both Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel covering a single lap with it attached to the SF16-H.

The device was met with mixed opinions as some such as Vettel are in favour while others such as Lewis Hamilton are firmly against it.

The Brit, though, is unlikely to get his way as FIA race director Whiting has revealed that motorsport's governing body is on track to introduce halo in 2017.

"I think (the halo's) going pretty well," he told reporters in Melbourne.

"It's been tested quite extensively now, and I think it will offer very good protection for a flying wheel, for example, that's the main way it's been tested so far.

"We need to do a thorough risk assessment on it, we need to look at a number of other related things like extrication.

"We've got to talk to the medical crews about it. But I think it's going quite well."

Whiting also addressed concerns that using the halo meant it would take drivers longer to get out of their cars.

He said: "The benefits of the halo are far greater than the slightly worse situation of the driver taking a bit longer to get out.

"One team did put a halo on their car and did get a driver to see how quickly he could get out, and it looked perfectly simple.

"Arguably it was easier because the driver can get hold of the thing and lift himself out much easier."