FIA reveal stricter free practice requirements


The FIA has introduced a new, stricter system for drivers to acquire a free practice licence which means younger drivers will have to wait longer to get Formula 1 experience.

Prior to the rule change, drivers needed to accumulate 300km (186 miles) in a 'representative F1 car' if they wanted to take part in a practice session without a superlicence.

But now the FIA has added more criteria which all young drivers must meet in order to compete.

Drivers now need to have competed in at least six F2 races or have racked up 25 points on their superlicence in eligible championships during the previous three seasons. That is on top of the required 300km of representative running.

Once drivers have completed one practice session they must go on and finish a full F2 season or amass 25 points on their superlicence in order to be eligible for further running in any subsequent F1 practices.

Formula 1 teams must also show evidence that their reserve drivers have been briefed about the most important rules and regulations and the drivers must then prove to the FIA they have consistently shown the highest quality of driving in single-seater formula cars.