FIA revises track limits for Hockenheim

Date published: July 30 2016 - Editor

The FIA has revised the track limit for Turn 1 at the Hockenheimring, pushing it further out from the corner.

Although Formula 1 went into the German GP weekend saying that track limits will no longer be policed, that was altered on Friday when there were almost 100 incidents of drivers running wide.

However, that rule was again revised on Saturday with the FIA issuing a new directive.

“Based upon our observations of the way in which the new kerb on the exit of Turn 12 [pictured above] is used, and the comments made in the [drivers’] meeting yesterday [Friday] evening, we feel the usable track limit at Turn 1 should be the outer edge of the kerb, ie: the edge furthest away from the track,” read a statement issued by race director Charlie Whiting

“The performance of any driver going beyond this point, with any part of the car, will be examined in order to establish whether or not an advantage was gained by exceeding this limit.”