FIA threatens removal of illegal suspensions


The FIA has waded in on the ongoing suspension row, stating that teams must prove that their suspension’s primary purpose is not for aerodynamic performance gains.

A statement has been sent out to all teams regarding the new technical directive, and if teams fail comply then they will be asked to remove their current suspension set-up.

The debate was first sparked when Ferrari sought clarification last month on the issue, amid rivals Mercedes and Red Bull using a ‘trick’ suspension system.

The FIA have now attempted to clear up the matter as they try to avoid a potential protest at the season opener in Australia.

The FIA picked out five key characteristics or components that it will deem non-compliant:

– Any system that changes how the car responds to body accelerations.

– No direct coupling between the ride height function and the braking system or the steering system.

– Right height control via self-levelling.

– Direct coupling between the role and heave parts of the suspension.

– The storing of energy for delayed deployment or any system that would result in non-incidental asymmetry in the response to changes in load applied to the wheel.

Mercedes and Red Bull have both remained calm on the issue over the past month, with both teams believing that they have acted within the rules.