FIA to inspect suspension systems in Barcelona


FIA has confirmed they will cast a beady eye on all the teams' current suspension systems following the conclusion of the first winter test.

The FIA ordered on Tuesday that all teams must prove their suspensions are not set-up for the primary purpose of making aerodynamic gains after Ferrari initially asked for clarification on the issue, amid suspicion that Mercedes and Red Bull are in breach of the current regulations.

Auto Motor und Sport have revealed the FIA will make a round of inspections to scrutinise the legality of the current systems in place.

"The clarification is a basis for the stewards in disputes," an FIA source is quoted as saying. "Whether a suspension is in conflict with that clarification will then be (decided) on a case by case basis."

"Everyone can use what they want," said FIA race director Charlie Whiting. "But it would be foolish to test something which cannot be used in Melbourne."

"The teams asked us if we are satisfied with the function of certain components and we answered yes or no. Now they have to prove it to us."