FIA warns of drive-through penalties

Date published: July 23 2016 - Editor

The FIA have warned the drivers that their ‘zero tolerance’ approach to exceeding track limits could result in drive-through penalties at the Hungaroring.

Ahead of the Hungarian GP weekend it was announced that the FIA had introduced an electronic system at Turns 4 and 11 to monitor the track limits.

That did not deter several drivers from exceeded them in practice, although they have been warned again doing the same in qualifying.

“We will be adopting a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to cars leaving the track at Turns 4 and 11 during qualifying,” FIA race director Charlie Whiting told the teams.

“Please note that this will be judged by the use of timing loops in the kerbs and, to ensure that we see no false crossings, we would like to make it clear that the loops are set up to register a crossing when a car is approximately 20cm beyond the white line.

“Every lap time achieved by leaving the track will be deleted in accordance with Article 12.3.1.d of the Sporting Code.”

As for the grand prix, the drivers risk drive-through penalties if they exceed the limits.

Whiting’s note to the teams added: “During the race, and in accordance with Article 27.4 of the Sporting Regulations, any driver who is judged to have left the track three times at these corners (when counted cumulatively) will be shown a black and white flag, one further crossing will result in a report being made to the stewards for not having made every reasonable effort to use the track. As discussed, this is likely to result in a drive-through penalty for any driver concerned.

“However, if we are satisfied that a driver left the track at these points for reasons beyond his control, having been forced off the track for example, lap times will not be deleted during qualifying nor will such a crossing be counted towards a drivers total in the race.”