FIA won’t tweak DRS zones


Despite a distinct lack of overtaking at the Russian GP, the FIA will not be giving the drivers additional assistance by tweaking the DRS zones.

Sebastian Vettel was unimpressed with his ability to close up on Valtteri Bottas and overtake the Finn as they battled for the victory in Russia.

“Unbelievable,” said the Ferrari driver. “As soon as you get within two seconds of a rival you already know the aerodynamics of your car will be affected.”

He added that the DRS is “of no use.”

And although the FIA stated in Australia that they would be “watching the situation” and that if “overtaking is too difficult, we can extend the DRS zones”, motorsport’s governing body has no plans to change anything.

Williams tech chief Paddy Lowe revealed: The technical workgroup has been talking about overtaking and the FIA is of the opinion that it does not have to change anything in the DRS.”