Finances impacting Sauber’s development


Monisha Kaltenborn has called for patience despite admitting that Sauber's financial troubles are impacting their on-track performance.

There are very few positive stories coming from the Sauber camp this year as the team's finances have dominated headlines.

Twice it has been reported that Sauber were late to pay staff as due to their money issues.

Added to that the team has yet to score a single point out on track with their best result Marcus Ericsson's P12 in Bahrain.

Team boss Kaltenborn concedes the two are having an impact on one another as the lack of funds means development of the C35 has been slow.

"We have to juggle a few things around [financially] to get things done," she told Autosport.

"There are bits and pieces which, because of our situation, we are just taking time in getting.

"So when they're all on the car you will see there is going to be a step ahead.

"It's very difficult to speculate what it's going to be like but there will be movement there.

"We just have to be patient in getting through this phase."

Kaltenborn also ruled out any "massive updates" for Sauber this year, saying it would not be beneficial given the monumental regulation changes Formula 1 is set to bring in for 2017.

She added: "We're not going to be having massive updates coming because, with whatever's coming for 2017, you're in a situation of what do you focus on?"

"We once took the decision to focus on a season [in 2013], and we know what happened the next season [the team failed to score a point] as there was a big change on the powertrain side that had a major impact.

"So we have to balance that out this season, and this car is not really our full 2016 car."