Flav: In F1 you need gladiators

Date published: June 1 2015 - Editor

Flavio Briatore has joined the cry for smaller teams to get a larger share of the money, adding that F1 should be about racing not technology.

With even F1's midfield teams struggling to pay the bills in recent years, sparking fears that one or more may not survive, there have been calls for a fairer distribution of F1's prize money.

At present the top teams get a larger portion even though they are able to bring in more money through sponsorship deals.

Briatore reckons that is not right as it prevents the smaller teams from competing and therefore has an impact on the racing.

"I believe the distribution of the money is not correct," he told motorsport.com.

"You give the money to the rich; you don't give the money to the poor. That makes no sense if you want to compete in the same league.

"The costs in the last 10 years have been too heavy to have a race, and you take out a lot of people. For me, F1 needs to get back to a race.

"Instead of talking all the time about consuming the fuel or consuming the tyres, I want to talk about the fight between the drivers. And the more the cars are similar, the better race we will have.

"It is not a big a secret. F1 is very simple; we need a race. In the end the product is the race."

The Italian, a former team boss, also weighed in on F1's proposed changes to the regulations over the next two years.

In a bid to make cars five to six seconds per lap quicker, the Strategy Group recently voted in favour of wider tyres, refuelling, aero changes and reducing the weight of the cars.

"I believe F1 is about the race," Briatore said.

"It is not a technology trial all the time. I believe the race is the key thing; and afterwards if you want to do technology, you do it.

"I believe in F1 you need gladiators, you need a fight, you need the show, you need a race. And you don't need to worry about if you have fuel or no fuel in the car.

"I remember four years ago, the drivers were doing 60 laps of qualifying. Now everything is more strategic, the fuel flow and this and that. Maybe it is better [for some], but I don't know if it is better or not."