Focused McLaren rule out Indy 500 return


McLaren won't look into running the Indy 500 until such a time when the Formula 1 team has returned to the podium.

Last year McLaren ran the Indy 500 with Fernando Alonso in a McLaren-Honda-Andretti car.

The Spaniard led the iconic race before dropping back – but still inside the top ten – when his race came to a premature end due to a Honda engine failure with 21 laps remaining.

The team's pace has led to questions as to whether McLaren would consider entering again this season, however, Brown says the focus must now be firmly on the Formula 1 team.

"No. I think the cars look great. I think the cars look really good, but [it's] too soon," the McLaren chief told Racer.

"With all that we've got going on in Formula 1, while the mechanics and engineers and all that are 100 percent focused, the minute me or Jonathan Neale or John Allert or Eric [Boullier] are not spending 100 percent of our time on Formula 1 that starts becoming a distraction for us.

"I've got to find more partners for our Formula 1 team, so any moment I'm trying to find an IndyCar team is a moment I'm not spending on trying to fund the Formula 1 team, which is priority number one.

"So I think before we leap into any of these other racing series, we've got to get back on the podium in F1. As a fan of McLaren and as a racer I want to do them all this year, but as a business we've got to lay out a 10-year strategy and why we're doing it, how we're doing it, how it's sustainable.

"With all that's going on, not only with our Formula 1 team but Formula 1 as a whole, we need to be spending all our time on making sure whatever happens in 2021 we're in a good place. So I don't think any of those other series are around the corner."