FOM asked Grosjean to remove F1 vids


Romain Grosjean has revealed that FOM asked him to remove videos that he had posted of Haas' Formula 1 car in action.

Often video footage posted by fans of the action on grand prix weekends is quickly withdraw from YouTube and the internet as a whole by Formula One Management.

And it seems the drivers are forced to adhere to the same regulations.

"I ran a live video on my Facebook page during our filming day, as well as from my room yesterday," Grosjean said in an interview with

"And the FOM asked me to remove all the videos. We had more than a million views on all the videos.

"I think it's great, it allows people to see F1, what it's like inside, behind the scenes, but we're not allowed."

The Frenchman believes Formula 1 is missing out on an ideal opportunity to reach fans, especially at a time when audience figures are dwindling.

"F1 is too narrow-minded – we say that we lose fans, but nowadays, social networks have so many billion people in the world – and we're not allowed to make the most of them," he added.

The Frenchman was, however, supportive of the new fan-voted ‘Driver of the Day’ award that is being adopted in 2016, saying: “There's the fan vote for the driver of the day, which is good, having fans behind us. It's rather cool.”