FOM: Pirelli not responsible for blow-outs


Formula 1's commercial rights holders have thrown its weight behind Pirelli following the Spa saga, saying they were "not at fault for any tyre-related incidents".

Tensions threatened to boil over at the Belgian Grand Prix after Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari both suffered high-speed blow-outs and the latter in particular was not shy to voice his anger.

While Pirelli felt the four-time World Champion's tyre simply reached the end of its life, Vettel angrily demanded changes in an expletive-laden interview after the race.

The Italian manufacturer has since revealed there were a "highly unusual number of cuts" in the German's tyre while Vettel has softened his stance a bit as he is happy with the progress that's being made.

The Formula One Management (FOM) has also given Pirelli its backing following a difficult couple of weeks for the company.

"Pirelli has been a first class partner of Formula One during the five seasons in which it has been the Official Supplier of Tyres to the FIA Formula One World Championship and we continue to have full confidence in the safety, quality and suitability of its tyres," the statement read.

"Within the constraints of safety considerations, which are always paramount, Formula One encourages Pirelli to provide tyre compounds with performance limitations because tyre degradation contributes to the challenge and entertainment of a Formula One race. When doing so, Pirelli provides strong guidance to competitors about any performance limitations of the tyres supplied. Competitors should heed Pirelli's expert advice when setting their race strategy and tactics, and if they do not, it is at their own risk. 

"We are entirely satisfied that Pirelli was not at fault for any tyre-related incidents during the 2015 Formula 1 Shell Belgian Grand Prix. 

"Pirelli has offered to provide to each car a single set of tyres to last for an entire Event. While we know that they would be very capable of it, a race with no pit stops would be less exciting. 

"Thank you, Pirelli, for helping us to deliver excitement to Formula One fans!"