Force India all in at Singapore


Months in the making, Force India will only introduce the "full" kit for their B-spec car at next month's Singapore Grand Prix.

Although the team debuted the B-spec VJM08 at the British Grand Prix, fans have yet to witness the full potential of the revised car.

And that, technical director Andrew Green has revealed, is because the full package has yet to be raced.

"The car you've seen so far is the first step of a series of developments we will be introducing on to it over the next few races," he said to Autosport.

"It's current potential won't be realised until Singapore.

"That's the race we are targeting to have the full kit on the car, the full upgrade.

"The subsequent updates include front and rear wings, floor, diffuser, so quite a big suite of parts coming.

"I would say the car is about 50 per cent of the way there at the moment as far as updates are concerned, and it will be a step-change process over the next few races."

Heading into round 11 of the Championship, Force India are fifth in the Constructors' Championship on 39 points, 57 behind fourth placed Red Bull and four ahead of Lotus.

The team is hoping to keep Lotus at bay with Green confident that the updated car is a "big step" forward.

"It hasn't cured all the problems we had with the car and what the drivers were asking for, but it's taken a big step towards fixing it. It's improved the situation.

"What we have tried to do is balance the car through all the situations, through every type of corner.

"We had a widely-imbalanced car – some corners oversteer, some understeer – so we have tried to bring that balance together to make it one."