Force India name change a work in progress


Although Force One has been registered that may not be Force India’s new name when the time comes to change it; that’s according to Vijay Mallya.

Earlier this year Mallya confirmed that he was looking to change the name of his Formula 1 team, seeking a more international flavour.

Force One was believed to be topping the list of possible names after it was formally registered.

However, Mallya says the renaming is still a work in progress.

“When I bought this team ten years ago – and we’re all very proud of the fact that, as an independent team we have survived amidst a great amount of speculation for ten years and are still going strong – it was Force India because it was the first time an Indian team showed up on a Formula One grid,” he said.

“It met the aspirations of millions of young Indians who never thought that would be possible but then we were running around in P23 and P24 and the then management seemed very happy about it.

“Since we have consistently now improved and are a serious contender on the grid, it’s time to broaden our horizons, attract more international sponsors and sadly there is no Indian Grand Prix any more.

Indian sponsors seem to be passionate about putting all of their money into cricket and so we must appeal to a more international audience and so the idea of changing the name of the team was mooted.

“We’ve had several discussions, no decision has been taken but we have listed a few options and we’ll take it forward at the appropriate time.”

He added: “You can’t keep thinking of name changes every year or every other year. So, this is in a work-in-progress stage right now but certainly it’s something we are seriously thinking about.”