Force India to Force One unlikely to happen

Date published: November 12 2017 - Editor

Force India’s plan to change their name to Force One is unlikely to get off the ground, according to deputy team boss Bob Fernley.

Earlier this year Force India revealed that they planned to change the team’s name, making it more globally appealing to sponsors.

Force One was the preferred name, however, that doesn’t look as if it will happen.

“We’re going to have difficulty getting it through as Force One,” Fernley told Autosport.

“Like all things we tried to do it in partnership with everybody, so we’re working with F1, just out of courtesy. What you want is the path of least resistance.

“It’s wrong to say it’s completely off the table, but you want to be pushing an open door, not one which will have difficulties.

“Out of courtesy we need to work with Liberty and the FIA to make sure we do things in a constructive way.

“It’s not the only option that we have in place. We’re looking at others at the moment.

“Whatever decision we take is going to have to be done with a great deal of thought, because it has to last us indefinitely, because now we have to develop a brand to represent the team going forward and into the new era.”

Whatever route the team does take in the end, Force will at least remain a part of the name.

Fernley added: “We’re not tied to it, but it would make some sense to keep it there.

“It’s a key option that we’re working with. It’s a decision by the shareholders, and we can only make recommendations.”

Regarding a potential deadline he said: “We still have to go to F1 Commission with it.

“I think the timeline is really probably by mid-December that we need to have submitted the application.

“From the FIA’s point of view and the promoter’s point of view the official entry comes out in January.”