Ford: F1 not relevant to our plans


Ford will not be returning to Formula 1 any time soon with Performance director Dave Pericak stating that it is “definitely not relevant to what we’re trying to do.”

With Formula 1 under new ownership, there are some, such as new sporting boss Ross Brawn, who are hoping that the sport can attract more big-name manufacturers.

However, Ford won’t be one of those.

“F1 is definitely not relevant to what we’re trying to do,” Pericak told “It’s just too far out there.

“It’s exciting and it’s cool but it’s definitely not something we can apply directly, or very useably anyway, to what we’re doing on a day-to-day basis at Ford.

“I just don’t see us going back to F1.”

Ford last competed in Formula 1 under its Jaguar brand but walked away after the 2004 season, selling the outfit to what is now Red Bull Racing.