Formula One: An introduction


Sports and competition are an integral part of the human condition, something that nearly everyone can enjoy on one level or another.

Whether you are into European or American football, cricket, gambling, racing, or even the rising e-sports scene, there really is something for everybody out there these days. One sport that often gets overlooked however, is Formula One Racing.

A race in this highly competitive sport is often referred to as a Grand Prix. As of today, there are ten different teams that are competing actively in the Formula One World Championship. Each of these teams get to enter in two cars, totaling to 20 racers. The maximum number of cars allowed in the championship is set to 26, meaning that only 13 teams can be a part of the world championship.

Open Season
This year’s Formula One season started off in Australia at the Melbourne Grand Prix. The first of 20 different races that will eventually trek all across the world, will end with a nail-biting finale in Abu Dhabi.

Formula One is a fast-paced, action packed, nitrous fueled ride across the globe with some of the most talented drivers to ever take hold of the steering wheel. That is why the fan base has continued to rise over the years to progressively more impressive numbers. Whether you are following your favorite driver from home or touring the world with them, the Formula One World Championship always promises to be a great experience.

On Track and in the Loop
Formula One is a launching platform for legends, legacies, and human stories of tragedy and triumph. So whether you are a new fan or an old one of this exciting racing league, it is important that you stay in the loop as to what is going on, or risk missing out on the great stories.

With stories, events, and parties that occur at a blistering fast pace that rivals the cars themselves, the blazing fast world of Formula One is not one for the faint of heart or slow of wit.

To make sure you don’t miss out on anything, be sure to find a reliable Formula One racing feed you trust to bring you the hottest news fresh of the track. Following your favorite drivers and the news surrounding them has never been easier thanks to the internet. So once you find a good feed be sure to stick with them!

An Entertaining Outing
There are few things that get your heart racing (pun definitely intended) quite like the high-octane world of Formula One racing. Twists and turns at lightning speed across some of the most famous (or infamous) tracks on the planet is nothing short of adrenaline inducing.