Friday’s FIA press conference


Eric Boullier, Monisha Kaltenborn, Franz Tost, Marco Mattiacci, Graeme Lowdon and Christian Horner faced the media on Friday…

Q: Graeme, thanks for standing in for John Booth who is still in Japan. Is there anything you would like to tell us?

Graeme LOWDON: It’s been an incredibly difficult week for Formula One but it’s been an incredibly difficult week for our team. As you know, my team-mate Jules Bianchi had a terrible accident in Suzuka. He’s in hospital there. He’s in a critical condition and the thoughts of everybody in the team, and I know much wider than that, are with Jules at this moment and also with his family. It has been a really difficult time for the team, but I have to say we have been helped enormously by the Formula One family. I think it would have been really difficult for us to get through this week without the help of some very key people. I’d like to personally thanks Marco Mattiacci for his support and kindness, not just in his role at Ferrari, but personally as well. He was at the hospital immediately afterwards and I know provided an awful lot of comfort to those that were there. The Ferrari team also arranged for Professor Alessandro Frati to be present and I know that gave an awful lot of comfort to us, to the people that were there at the hospital and the family. So from our team to the Ferrari team we really want to offer a lot of thanks, it really made a difference. Also at the hospital was Professor G