Further backlash after Budkowski appointment


Red Bull and Mercedes have once again led the calls for Marcin Budkowski to serve a longer gardening leave period before he is allowed to join Renault.

Ahead of a washed-out FP2 session at Suzuka, Renault announced that Budkowski, who resigned from his role as head of the FIA’s technical department, would be joining the team as an Executive Director and will oversee all chassis development and production activities.

He will be fulfiling that role with the knowledge of all the other teams’ initial plans for the 2018 season as he only has to serve three months gardening leave before he can officially join the Enstone team.

“I don’t think there’s any real issue with Marcin but the issue is the notice period,” said a disgruntled Christian Horner to Sky F1.

“He’s been privy to everybody’s secrets, everybody’s designs for next year. I think it could be a big issue for Renault if a team finds one of their components on that car.

“Personally I think its incorrect that a person of that seniority within the FIA should be allowed to be in another working environment within a three-month period. I’m sure it will be on the agenda at the next strategy group. It absolutely needs looking at.”

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff echoed the views of Horner, stating the notice period is the real issue.

“Nobody wants to stand in the way of Marcin’s career path but it’s a matter of how long of a notice period you should have with senior people that have a lot of knowledge, Wolff said to Sky F1.

“Within the industry the minimum is six, or even 12 months or more.

“We need to be very transparent with the FIA. They need to look into every detail of the car so they have quite an intimate knowledge about the deficit and the areas of strength of each of the cars.

“But I think common sense will prevail. Jean Todt needs to step in. Renault i think will have a realistic assessment whats morally and ethically correct and what’s not.”