Gallery: Snow day for Formula 1

Michelle Foster
Pirelli 'worried' about a Barcelona cold snap

Pirelli 'worried' about a Barcelona cold snap

Formula 1 arrived at the Circuit de Catalunya on Wednesday to be greeted by a blanket of snow, and a delayed start to the day’s action.

The lights remained red even after the 9am start as conditions were deemed too dangerous.

And you can see why as the track looked like ice!

Mercedes decided to have some fun…

The track remained red with little sign of conditions improving as the forecast is for snow, sleet and a not-so-balmy 2’C.

However, just before midday official word came down…

First to brave the elements was Fernando Alonso in the McLaren. It’s the first time we have seen the MCL33 since Tuesday lunchtime.

Alonso then revelled in the fact he was P1 on the leaderboard…

Daniel Ricciardo and Marcus Ericsson headed out for a solitary installation lap each.

But a spin from the Aussie on a second attempted lap made teams even more reluctant to head out onto the track.

Thankfully he avoided the barrier, instead finding the gravel trap.

After another hour of silence, Robert Kubica was the fourth driver to head out in the treacherous conditions.

Before swiftly coming back into the pits…

Brendon Hartley made a brief appearance, while Alonso ventured out for another brief look at the track.

The Spaniard’s short run was enough for McLaren to move from the bottom of the mileage charts at the expense of Haas. He even set a couple of timed laps!