Gallery: Take a closer look at the Williams FW41

Date published: February 14 2018 - Editor

Williams are the latest team to showcase their 2018 challenger, with the FW41 unveiled at a special launch event in London.

Now that the covers are off, let’s take a closer look at what the Grove-based team have to offer.

Many have been instantly drawn to the Ferrari-inspired aero-shapers in front of the sidepods.

And here’s a look at the front with the much-maligned Halo in full view…

No shark fins or T-wings this year, but the updated regulations do have a loophole where a mini T-Wing can be placed ahead of the rear wing.

Williams provided a closer look at the FW41 by releasing a special launch video shortly after the first available image.

Next on the launch schedule is Red Bull, who will be peeling the covers off the RB14 on Monday.

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