Gasly: Magnussen almost caused spectacular crash


Pierre Gasly says Kevin Magnussen’s driving during practice in Baku was dangerous, adding that the Haas driver could have caused a “spectacular” crash.

As Gasly was able to start a lap, he was passed by Magnussen through the final few corners.

Heading towards the start-finish straight, Gasly pulled alongside Magnussen as he thought the Dane’s run was over.

Magnussen, though, kept pace with him and squeezed him towards the wall on the run to Turn 1.

“Kevin overtook me as I was starting the lap, so I thought he was going to cool down the tyres [after crossing the line],” Gasly told Autosport.

“He sort of pushed me out. It was quite dangerous.

“I don’t know how much space we had between the two cars but at some point I thought he was almost going to take my front wing out.

“We are going at 340km/h, so sometimes it’s good to leave a bit of space.

“We were quite close to having something spectacular.”