Good Week Bad Week: 1000BHP


It was a good week out on track for Ferrari but the same cannot be said of Marussia…

Good Week: It’s been a good week for Ferrari. Despite their junior team, Sauber, running some glory times in Jerez and running out of fuel to prove it, many now think that the Ferrari SF15T is a quantum leap better than the F14 and that their times showed a genuine upsurge in form.

Bad Week: It’s been a catastrophic week for Marussia. Their plan to run a 2014 car in 2015 was summarily ended by Force India who said no to their plan at an FIA meeting. Marussia needed unanimous agreement for their return and didn’t get it.

Bad Week: Force India’s team boss Bob Fernley has come under pressure after becoming the man who denied Marussia. Part of the criticism of Force India’s veto of their return to the grid was that it was motivated by money. In keeping them out, the team stands to pick up some of the money that would go to the smaller teams. Former team boss Gian Carlo Minardi lambasted the teams for failing to give Marussia a chance.

Good Week: Renault say that they have now fixed the problem with the ERS water pump that was limiting their running at the first test. Red Bull boss Christian Horner says that their early problems are not on the scale of last year – and even then they ended up on the podium in Melbourne.

Bad Week:  Caterham have finally put their assets up for auction, meaning that the administrator, sees no hope of the team being sold as a viable F1 outfit. Auctioneers  will sell Caterham's 2014 F1 chassis and show cars, plus the team's  race and simulator equipment in a series of auctions in March and April.

Good Week: For those who like the idea of 1000BHP F1 cars, the F1 Strategy Group met in Paris and have agreed a plan to see them introduced in 2017. They’ll also be looking at ways to add downforce and bring in wider tyres.

Bad Week: For Autosport’s  editor (and former F1 editor) Ed Straw who is a passionate believer in the drive towards green technology. The move towards 1000BHP engines means that the phenomenal leap in fuel consumption that the sport achieved in 2014 will be sacrificed, as the engines will need more fuel.

Good Week: Christian Horner believes that the radical shake-up of the rules in 2017, including the move to more powerful engines, could well tempt Adruian Newey back to full-time involvement in designing his cars. Which, if you think about it, makes it a bad week for everyone else.

Bad Week:  Nico Rosberg’s been talking about his fears for his home race and the ludicrous situation that there might not be a German GP in 2015. The Nurburgring is scheduled to host the race this year on July 19, but after the circuit went bust, the new owners have failed to reach a deal with Bernie Ecclestone. Rosberg described the race, which has been run since 1960 as a “fundamental part of the F1 season.”