GP2’s Evans irked by double standards


GP2 racer Mitch Evans was rather miffed at the stewards' decision to clear Mercedes of any wrongdoing in the tyre pressure drama at Monza as he was punished for a similar offence.

New Zealander Evans was second fastest behind Red Bull's Pierre Gasly during GP2 qualifying at Monza on Friday, but his car failed to meet the minimum requirement for tyre pressures.

The Russian Time driver was excluded from qualifying and was sent to the back of the grid, but he fought his way back to finish third in the feature race on the Saturday.

A day later and Hamilton's left-rear tyre was found to be 0.3 PSI below the minimum while his team-mate Nico Rosberg's was 1.1 PSI too low.

However, the stewards decided not to punish the drivers as Mercedes explained that the tyres were inflated correctly and the pressure dropped after the blankets were unplugged.

Evans made it clear on Twitter that he wasn't impressed with the different rulings.

"Love that consistency. Can I have my front row back then please? #circus," he tweeted.