GPDA: Tyre failures should not end in explosions


The Grand Prix Drivers' Association (GPDA) has urged Pirelli to come up with solutions to tyre blow-outs, saying sudden delaminations should not result in explosions.

This weekend's Belgian Grand Prix was marred by two high-speed tyre failures as first Nico Rosberg of Mercedes was helpless as he went spinning off the track after a right-rear failure, then two days later Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari had a spectacular blow-out on the penultimate lap of the race, which prompted an angry outburst from the four-time World Champion.

"Things like that are not allowed to happen" the German said before adding that "if this happened earlier then I'm f****d" while Rosberg said "it needs to be sorted out, this issue, somehow we have to make it safer".

Pirelli, meanwhile, felt Ferrari were pushing things as Vettel was on a 28-lap stint on the mediums adding that they had asked for a limit on tyre usage to be put in place two years ago, but it was ignored.

Chairman of the GPDA Alexander Wurz, though, feels that the Italian manufacturer needs to make use of technology to stop a tyre from exploding when it reaches its end life.

"As drivers, we strongly believe the end of a tyre's performance window can and should not be a tyre delamination in the form of an explosion," he told BBC Sport.

"I believe there are technologies which prevent such sudden delamination, but for the short term we need to give Pirelli the freedom and support to introduce any measures they declare safe and fit for F1 racing."

He added: "It needs to be said that we have seen tyre failures throughout the history of F1 and racing.

"This is not desired, but we are aware of the difficulties tyre manufacturers face because of ever-evolving lap times and forces.

"It is the management of and reaction to such failures, and the development of better, faster and safer tyres, which F1 shall and must embrace and even demand.

"This is for the safety of the drivers but also for feeding safer technologies into road tyres."