Grosjean braced for ‘hardest race of the year’


Haas duo Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen have contrasting views on the upcoming Malaysian Grand Prix, which will be leaving the F1 calendar after this weekend.

Romain Grosjean: “I think it’s pretty much the hardest race of the year. Singapore is a slower track with slower corners, whereas Malaysia has high speed with high loads. Again, it’s a great challenge, a great track, and when you have a good car, it’s an amazing experience. When you are physically suffering as well, it’s more important to stay calm. It’s like riding up a hill and someone’s trying to chat to you or your phone’s ringing non-stop. You can get fed up with that very quickly simply because you’re tired. But we’re going to get more cooling inside the car because of the longer straights. I’m not worried.”

Kevin Magnussen: “What makes it easier is that you’ve got longer straights to help you recover and get some wind on your body. In Singapore, everything is very low-speed and you’re constantly working on the steering wheel, braking, then getting back on power. You work a lot harder in Singapore than you do in Malaysia. The temperature is worse in Malaysia but, somehow, the race is a little bit easier.”