Grosjean: Brake issues could be dangerous


Romain Grosjean has labelled Haas’ ongoing brake problems “dangerous” after yet another off at Suzuka on Friday.

The Frenchman went through the gravel at Degner in FP1, tagging the barrier with the nose of his VF16.

He reported at the time that the “rake doesn’t brake” and later stated that his brakes were “shit.”

This is not the first time – not even the first time this month – that the brakes have caused havoc over at Haas as Grosjean’s brakes “exploded” last Sunday putting him out of the Malaysian Grand Prix.

The latest issue meant that despite his efforts to curb his radio rants, Grosjean was once again complaining to his team.

Asked about it he told Autosport: “Just jump in my place!

“You drive at 320km/h and the brake doesn’t work, how would you react?

“It could be dangerous. Yes, there are things I don’t accept.

“It’s not against the team, it’s against the suppliers.

“Today I crashed because the brakes didn’t work, so I think it’s normal to be a bit annoyed.”

He added: “Everywhere is dangerous, but here especially because it’s very high speed.

“The last race I was lucky to escape with nothing [injured], we come here and my brakes go again, it’s a bit too much.”