Grosjean: Canada upgrades were ‘the best’


Romain Grosjean had described the upgrade package Haas brought to Canada as “the biggest one, and the best”.

Haas brought a significant upgrade package to Montreal, but an engine problem put pay to the Frenchman’s weekend before qualifying had even started.

Grosjean was happy with the new updates, and believes that their car will only get better on more conventional circuits as the year progresses.

“The upgrade is very nice – from the first lap in FP1, I knew it was going to be,” Grosjean told “We have some good front end grip there, which I am very happy with, and more downforce in general. It is the best one [upgrade package]. The biggest one, and the best.”

The Frenchman saw that his team-mate also had issues with the car in Canada, but said that their driving styles differed to suit the upgrades.

“Kevin was struggling more with the rear, whereas I don’t mind that instability,” he added. “I would rather have a very strong front end mid-corner that allows me to turn the car, and that’s what the update was doing for us.”

Grosjean is still yet to score a point in Formula 1 this year, one of two men not to do so, but his next opportunity will be in his homeland of France, at Paul Ricard next weekend.