Grosjean cleared the air with Wolff


Romain Grosjean has revealed that he had a “great phone call” with Toto Wolff in the wake of the Mercedes boss’s scathing comments.

Grosjean complained about Hamilton’s driving during qualifying for the British GP, stating that the Brit would have been penalised had he been any other driver.

Wolff defended his man, adding that Grosjean “should be happy he is driving in Formula 1” given his track record.

The Frenchman has subsequently spoken with the Mercedes motorsport boss, clearing the air.

“I saw the comments and I was not very happy,” Grosjean told PA Sport “I called Toto and we had a great phone call. We respect each other.

“There are tensions and they are fighting for a World Championship. Probably some of my words were reported to Toto in a different way and then he got a bit upset.

“I did not mean anything against Lewis or Mercedes. I was just saying that it cost me two positions on the grid.”