Grosjean: E23 inspires confidence


Romain Grosjean is convinced Lotus can secure points at the Singapore GP as the E23 is a car that "seems to go well everywhere."

Although Grosjean's best result of this season, a podium finish, came at the high-speed Spa circuit, the Lotus driver is feeling confident heading to Singapore.

The track is the latest street circuit on the Formula 1 calendar and takes place at night in hot and humid conditions.

But despite the massive contrast to Spa, Grosjean believes a good result could be on the cards.

"Even though we haven't been able to throw upgrades at the car like other teams can do, the E23 is a pretty balanced car in its qualities; it seems to go well everywhere," said the Frenchman.

"This means we go in with the opportunity of scoring points at tracks with very different characteristics.

"Every time I get in the car I think 'let's see what she can do', so I'm positive heading to Singapore, Suzuka and all the rest of the circuits ahead."

Pressed specifically on the 23-corner Marina Bay circuit, Grosjean says confidence will be key and that is one thing he definitely has in his E23.

He said: "The track is really impressive with some technical parts and some classic street circuit 'ninety degree' turns. There are a few decent straights but it is mainly busy, busy, busy for us, with corner after corner.

"Going over landmarks like the (Anderson) Bridge and down the Raffles Boulevard make for a fantastic sight from both the cockpit and also for the TV viewers.

"This year will be interesting with the E23 as it is a car that does inspire confidence, and confidence is king when you're on a street course.

"The biggest challenge will be if it's wet at any time – then we really have to work hard!"