Grosjean foresaw Renault 2016 struggles

Date published: September 11 2016 - Editor

Haas driver Romain Grosjean has said his move to the US team was based on the notion that the French team would struggle this year.

The Swiss-born driver surprised a few people last year when he moved to the F1 new boys, but said that he felt his former Lotus team would have a difficult time after being re-acquired by Renault.

“I felt Renault would have the year they are having, that it would be very difficult,” Grosjean told Autosport.

“On the other hand there was an American team coming to Formula 1 and I thought if I can be there and make it successful, it’s going to be huge in the US,” he added.

Grosjean admitted that Haas’ links with Ferrari were also enticing, but not the sole reason for his move.

“It was more than thinking ‘If I go to Haas they’ve got a Ferrari engine so I can go to Ferrari.’” he said

“Ferrari will take the driver that suits them best, it doesn’t matter if they come from Haas or anywhere else.

Grosjean, 30, had been tipped as a potential addition to the line up at Ferrari for 2017 until the Italians decided to re-sign Kimi Raikkonen.

Asked whether he was disappointed, the Swiss said, “Yes, because one day I want to go to Ferrari.”

“But on the other hand I thought ‘Well, you know what, it gives me chance to try the new Haas’.

“I was the first driver to score points for the team, and I could be the first to stand on the podium for the team and possibly win a race.”

He added that he was willing to bide his time for a chance at Ferrari.

“I’m 30, and the decision of Ferrari makes sense because they want continuity with the change of rules [for 2017].

“I feel good. I’ve felt welcome from day one, I feel like I can play a big role in the team, gain more experience and enjoy more good times.”