Grosjean: Haas have ‘stepped up their game’


Romain Grosjean has a "very good feeling" after seeing the progress being made at Haas this season.

Haas have already matched last season's points haul, while Grosjean has delivered the American outfit's best finish so far with a very impressive sixth in Austria.

And, despite his ongoing issues with the brakes, the Frenchman is pleased with the overall progress.

“It’s been a very good feeling,” said Grosjean. “We’ve achieved quite a lot compared to last year. Same amount of points, without the failure in Melbourne we would have six or eight more points so we are in a good place.

“The team is growing up, we’ve shown that in the year two where everyone was expecting us to dived down, we have actually stepped up our game so very pleased with that. As far as I am hoping and what we are getting since I signed back in 2015.”

However, Grosjean did concede there was a case of one step forward and one step back.

He added: “We are on target on expectation. We wanted to fight in the midfield, we sometimes we are ahead, sometimes we are a bit behind. Hopefully here we are in more of the Austrian position than we were in Silverstone, but you never know.

“I think generally there are a lot more things we can improve and there is lot more room for improvement in the team which is great to know because we are not fully at 100 percent potential."