Grosjean: Haas need to change brake supplier


Romain Grosjean believes Haas have to ditch their current suppliers Brembo if they are to finally overcome their brake problems.

The issue has carried over from the 2016 season and the Frenchman, who has been particularly vocal about the brakes throughout testing, wants to see a fresh approach from an alternative company.

"I'm not going into detail, but I don't like it," Grosjean told when quizzed about the current brake situation at Haas.

"I can't wait to get back to something different."

Haas are planning an early-season test with Carbone Industrie to see if they can help, and Grosjean believes they can provide the solution that he is looking for.

"It is the solution," he added. Now, when will it arrive? I don't know."

Brakes are not the only issue that are hindering the Haas, with Grosjean also confirming that understeer is another potential concern.

"Yeah, we are struggling a bit with understeer," he said. "We need to understand why. We've been trying a lot of different set-ups and a lot of different things, assessing what tools do what.

"You don't need a perfect set-up here in winter testing, but we want to be able to know, if we change the rear suspension geometry or the front stiffness, what does it do, and so on."