Grosjean: I thought it couldn’t get any worse


Retiring before he can start the formation lap of the Singapore Grand Prix, Haas driver Romain Grosjean insisted that he has full confidence in the team.

Adding to his weekend woes, the former Lotus driver failed to record a lap during FP1 and only 12 laps in FP2 before retiring. The Frenchman also crashed out of the qualifiers in Q2.

Despite the setbacks, the 30-year-old is still upbeat about the American team’s future in the sport.

“I’m all fine. I’m all confident about the future,” Grosjean said.

“Right now what we want to do is to make sure our updates work well in Malaysia and get things together to have a smooth weekend.

“I thought after yesterday it couldn’t get any worse, but unfortunately it did.

“I felt so bad for the guys, who have been working so hard to get the car back together and try to recover the time we lost in FP1. But we lost the brake-by-wire and we couldn’t race like this. We don’t know what happened. It’s hard on everyone.

“We couldn’t even do a lap. The brake pedal was not working. We just couldn’t find the problem and the pedal was going to the floor.”