Grosjean in favour of wider track limits


Romain Grosjean has expressed his views on the regulations regarding the territorial track limits drivers have to obey at races, saying that the sport could benefit if they had more space to drive.

Track limits regulations have been a hot topic ofdiscussion topic recently, as the FIA have started issuing warnings and penalties to drivers who are going over the kerbs and not obeying the track limits at each track.

However, the Frenchman believes that it is ruining the spectatorship of the sport, explaining that it makes for a more exciting race if drivers are given more space to play with.

“I like the liberty, the freedom of going wide,” said the 30-year-old.

“I think it looks great running on the kerbs. I watched the NASCAR race at Sonoma and their track limits are… well, I don’t know why they paint white lines!

“And it looked great. I mean everyone is doing the same. In the end, sometimes it’s more risky because you go on a kerb and on a surface that is less smooth. I’m quite in favour of letting cars run wide.”

Grosjean, though, did add that if they are given more space they should utilise it within reason as some corners and turns are too dangerous.

“The Raidillon is a bit of a different case,” he added.

“You could go straight and then it’s not a corner anymore. In Eau Rouge, it makes sense to police [track limits], electronically or not, otherwise it’s just not fun.

“Turn 9 in Silverstone is a bit of tricky one as well because you don’t want the car to be completely off track but if we’re on the kerb and on the Astroturf fighting I think it’s a great corner.”