Grosjean not expecting huge lap gains


Romain Grosjean is not expecting lap times to tumble too much at Monza, while Kevin Magnussen declares the temple of speed the best track to overtake on.

Romain Grosjean: “Monza may be one of the circuits where we don’t improve the lap time that much compared to the past. It’s going to be fun though, with big straight lines and a lot of low downforce. The Lesmo corner and the Ascari chicane – they’re great fun. The good thing with Monza is there’s lots of overtaking opportunities. There’s turn one, three, eight and then the Parabolica. It’s more or less every single braking event. I think qualifying’s going to be key to finding the right tow. The race is always fun to play with the tow and having some fun overtaking maneuvers. We’ll see where we are and how well we get the car to work. There aren’t that many corners so it’s very hard to get the tires to work properly, but we’ll be on it. The atmosphere is crazy in Monza. The Tifosi, the fans – they’re just great. The track is in the middle of a park. It’s like nowhere else. There are so many people coming and watching, cheering for the drivers and, of course, for Ferrari. The atmosphere is electric. I love it.”

Kevin Magnussen: "Monza is probably the best track for overtaking on the calendar. It’s always exciting racing there. Monza is a track with a lot of history and home to some of Formula One’s most passionate fans. It’s is all about the atmosphere. It’s got so much history and the Italian fans are really into it and they’re extremely passionate. It’s always a fantastic experience racing there. I have been around the old track several times. It’s crazy to think they used to race around that kind of track.”