Grosjean ‘ready’ to be champ in the right car


While Romain Grosjean believes he has all the qualities needed to be a World Champion in a “good car”, he concedes he needs to reign in his emotions to secure a top-level drive.

Although Grosjean is set to remain with Haas next season, the Frenchman is dreaming of making a leap up the grid.

He has spoken several times of his desire for a “big team” race-seat, naming Ferrari as his number one choice.

However, in order to land that drive, he concedes he needs to learn how to deal with frustration a bit better.

“There are always things you can improve,” Grosjean told Autosport when asked what he believes he needs to do to secure a top-team seat.

“Finding your way when you are frustrated to deal with things differently and dealing better with the brakes not working and stuff like that – I need to more on that.

“Generally my level of driving, fitness, feedback is pretty much ready to be World Champion in a good car.”

However, the Frenchman feels his radio rants also show his determination to get the most out of himself and the car.

“I get frustrated because I want to win. Then if I get frustrated I talk on the radio. So where to escape the frustration?” said Grosjean.

“The other way of seeing it is to say ‘OK I’m not going to win the race, I’m just going to get my money, drive and go home’.

“If I get to that stage, when I’m 31 and I want to be World Champion, then my career’s kind of over.

“As long as you keep that flame and that winning spirit and you’re not happy because you’ve qualified 14th but you’ve beat your team-mate… that’ll never make me happy.

“For some people it does, great for them, but it’ll never be for me.

“I need to get my radio messages down but I get frustrated because I want to win.

“If you’re leading or if you’ve got a car which can win then you’re not shouting and you’re not complaining because you are where you think you belong.”