Grosjean reassures axed Kvyat and Palmer

Date published: October 2 2017 - Editor

Romain Grosjean has told Daniil Kvyat and Jolyon Palmer that there is "still life when Formula 1 stops" and urged them to keep believing in their dreams.

Daniil Kvyat currently finds himself on the sidelines as Toro Rosso replaced him with Pierre Gasly. Jolyon Palmer, meanwhile, is taking part in his final races at Renault before Carlos Sainz takes his seat next season.

But Grosjean can sympathise with both drivers about their gloomy situations.

"Daniil has not had an easy time," Grosjean said in Malaysia.

"He was at Red Bull and sent back to Toro Rosso and now not driving the next few GPs. It must be very hard. He has been doing some very good races in the past.

“Until Singapore Jolyon had not delivered any points to the team and knowing how strong the Renault was and how Hulkenberg was doing, it was a big delta.

“He now doesn’t have the pressure of keeping his seat so now he just has to push as hard as he can and maybe get a chance somewhere else in the future.

Grosjean himself knows what it feels like to be away from Formula 1 as he lost his Renault seat in 2009 before coming back with Lotus in 2012.

He added: “Confidence is a tough one. If you don’t get a chance how can you prove it?

"But one thing life taught me is that when Formula 1 stops there is still life alongside it. Yes your phone rings less than it was and your social media doesn’t grow up as much but you still have friends, family, life.

"There are things that run alongside and you should rely on. You are not no one. I tried to come back but I was ready to do other stuff.

“The best thing is to believe in your dream and keep pushing as hard as you can. There are other good series alongside Formula 1 and you can still do what you love doing.”