Grosjean: Sunday struggles have cost Gutierrez


Although Romain Grosjean concedes that Esteban Gutierrez has “good” qualifying pace, he reckons inconsistent performances on grand prix Sundays cost him his Haas seat.

Gutierrez will leave Haas at the end of this season, his first and only with the American team.

At present the Mexican racer has yet to find a new team with race-seats fast running out; only Sauber and Manor have drives available for next season.

But with Haas needing both drivers to score points, Gutierrez’s soon-to-be-former team-mate says his Sunday struggles have ultimately cost him.

“I can tell you that Esteban is very fast in qualifying, he’s got good pace over one lap clearly,” Grosjean said. “He is much faster than what people are thinking.

“In the race, he’s been a bit struggling this year. He did not do any race last year.

“But for the team you need the two cars to score points.

“Not in an equal manner as someone may have a bit of luck one day and have a really good result, but you need for the Constructors’ Championship to be able to score more points with the two cars.”

But while Gutierrez may feel that he has had more than his fair share of bad luck at Haas, Grosjean says that is not an excuse.

“Over 21 races, there are always some races where you’ll be unlucky and some where you’ll get lucky,” he said. “It balances itself.”