Grosjean wants front wing issue resolved


For a fourth time this season, Haas driver Romain Grosjean was the victim of a front wing issue at the Canadian Grand Prix with his car, something he is deeply annoyed about going into this weekend’s European GP.

The Frenchman has been plagued with front wing issues all year and is fed up with constantly worrying about the drivability of the car, but understands that it is a learning process and is willing to be patient.

Ahead of this weekend’s race in Baku, Grosjean is confident that they will continue to show signs of improvement and added that Montreal was defiantly a learning curve for the American-based team.

“It’s been a lot positive, I think the first stint before the VSC was very good, I was catching the Force India and the McLaren quite easily, then the VSC came and we lost the temperature of the tyres and that’s our struggles,” said Grosjean.

“It’s a shame because there is a lot of steps we are doing in the right direction but we don’t get the tyre to work as we like.

“And then we lost the front wing which was a bit annoying, it’s the fourth time this year, there was a touch at the beginning which probably didn’t make its life easier, but we need to sort that out and just getting the tyres to work. Once we get that the car’s going to be great.

“We are moving forward, I can say that, it hasn’t shown on results but we’re clearly doing a good job.”