Grosjean warns of ‘heat shock’ in Singapore


Such is the heat and humidity in Singapore that Romain Grosjean has warned that drivers can get “heat shock” during the 61-lap grand prix.

“Difficult” and “challenging” are two of the most common words used by the drivers to describe the night race.

Although it starts at 8pm local time, the sweltering heat and humidity are still extremely taxing for the drivers.

So much so that Grosjean says they can get a “heat shock.”

He told Autosport: “Fitness has evolved but there is a high probability that we could get a heat shock and be in a pretty bad situation.

“Normally your body manages to keep going through the race but when you get the chequered flag, everything switches off.

“The key is to drink throughout the race, even though it isn’t easy.

“Already on the grid, when you jump in the cockpit, you’re already sweating and you’re thinking, ‘I’ve got to go in there for two hours and it’s going to get warmer’.

“We know it’s one of the challenges of the year.”