Grosjean: We shouldn’t have gone out at all


Crashing out of qualifying in a soaking wet Q1, Romain Grosjean says the drivers had no business being out on track in that downpour.

Qualifying for the Italian GP got underway on time on Saturday afternoon but two minutes prior to the start the rainfall at Monza intensified.

Grosjean was heard complaining on his out-lap about the visibility and how “dangerous” the conditions were.

Next minute he was in the wall.

Asked about his accident, he said: “Not much to say, in a straight line and next thing you know you are facing the wall at more than 300kph.

“I just think the conditions weren’t good enough for us to go out there and I complained on the out-lap saying that there was too much water, we couldn’t see anything.

“I understeered the first time and the second I lost it for no reason.

“We shouldn’t have gone out at all, I’m pretty straight forward on that.”

There is some good news for the Frenchman as his Haas made a glancing blow against the barrier that damaged little more than the rims. It did, however, still put him out of qualifying.

“A few rims, the rest doesn’t seem too bad,” he said of the damage.

“The impact wasn’t strong, luckily when I hit the barriers I was still going towards the track so I was lucky with that.

“But spinning in a straight line is not something we should see in Formula 1.”