Grosjean: We’re at a disadvantage


Despite newly formed team Haas making head turns this season because of their impressive performances, team driver Romain Grosjean has cautioned everyone to get ahead of themselves.

Grosjean also added that since they are the first new team since 2010 to come into F1, they have no previous data on any of the circuits around the world.

"We must control our expectations," the Frenchman told Auto Motor und Sport.

"For us every race starts at zero. More or less we start at every race with a white sheet of paper. I have no reference to last year's car, because there is none.

"The Haas is a completely different car than the Lotus, but you can transfer certain things. Then I help with my experience. I have not left my brain at Lotus!"

On his future in the sport, Grosjean has said that although he would welcome a move to Ferrari, he has every intention of trying to make Haas as successful as possible.

"I dreamt of Ferrari since I was eight years old" he added. "Nevertheless, I did not go to Haas in order to arrive through the back door at Ferrari.

"I believe in this team. And I am very proud that I am the first driver who has scored points for an American team for 30 years. I am not in a hurry. I am only 30 years old and still have many years ahead of me."