Haas: 2017 regulations not in our favour


Haas owner Gene Haas has admitted that the expected 2017 regulation changes will make it a lot harder for them to adapt, especially because they have only just entered the sport.

Making their F1 debut at the beginning this season, Team Haas were blessed with a technical partnership with Ferrari, which resulted in them scoring points in three of the opening four races, something unheard of for a new team.

The F1 team owner also added that he would have preferred it if they were given another one or two years with the same regulations so that they could understand their car better.

"I certainly would have liked to have another year with the current package but unfortunately they do not subscribe to our timeline," the American told Autosport.com.

"Another one or two years with what we have would have been a lot easier. 

But the Ferrari technical aspect of it will make that attainable for us to do that. Without it, we would have been lost.

"It is a tremendous amount of responsibility to not only run the team but also to start anticipating what is going to happen in 2017.

"For 2017, I call that a revolution in terms of the car because everything changes.

"You cannot simply look at someone else's car and say 'I am going to build a car like that', you have got to understand how these cars work. Even a minor variation, moving an aero part around a half-inch, completely changes what happens at the back of the car."