Haas aiming for consistency


Haas boss Guenther Steiner has explained that despite claiming sixth and fifth position in the first two Grand Prix’s of the year, they have to still be realistic about their chances.

Steiner admitted that achieving fifth in the constructors championship is slightly out of reach but their main goal is just to achieve points at every race.

“Fifth is a little too much to ask for but I think we want to try now to get points at every race, that’s the objective,” he told ESPN.

“Whether we reach it or not, I don’t know. But for sure, we know the car well enough what it can do given the pace over two races.

“I think it is possible to make points. We’ve only had one car finishing the race so far, so if you have two the chances are doubled. We want to try to get points every time. But always targeting fifth would be getting a little bit greedy and we don’t want to be that.”

Grateful for snapping someone as good as Romain Grosjean, he said that he was delighted at the acquisition instead of bringing a ‘pay driver’ in one of their cars.

“He’s already paid for himself!” Steiner said.

“We always wanted a known quantity. If we would have someone else like a pay driver, we might not be where we are and we would question ourselves, is the material and the car good enough?

“Because he pulled it off we know now where we are. For sure that’s what we wanted to achieve with getting a driver of his calibre and we achieved it with him, he’s doing a fantastic job for us.”