Haas: Better to have bought an existing team


Although Haas have made an incredible start to their F1 career, team owner Gene Haas admits it would have been better financially to have bought an existing team.

Haas entered Formula 1 with huge expectations on the American team's shoulders given their preparation time and Ferrari link-up.

They have, however, far exceeded expectations.

Romain Grosjean scored 28 points in the first half of the championship, 22 of which came in the opening four grands prix alone.

As such the team is holding down eighth place in the Constructors' Championship, which means there will be prize money at the end of this season.

However, Haas did not start with the financial boost that would have come if the team owner has bought one of the existing 10 teams.

"Bernie was always saying 'why don't you just buy an existing team?', which was actually a better idea because there were only 10 teams at the time so economically it would've been a lot more beneficial," Haas told Autosport.

"Bernie was probably right because there are so many advantages when you're a top 10 team.

"Not only do you get 'column A' money but you also get freight and airline tickets for the team.

"There is a lot of financial help for the teams once they've been established."